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Expand Your Business Overseas

We facilitate your business to enter and grow in the Indo-American markets by employing our specialized portfolio of services

Sell your products and services to customers in USA and India

Indo American MSME Network helps students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses launch successful eCommerce businesses in the USA. Be our member and start selling to Americans.

Business Analysis

We assess your business profile and determine level
of preparation for an international expansion, and steps
needed to be taken for operational success.

Full Rollout

Our Project Managers will roll out the execution plan,
focusing on market timing, tactical implementation
along with necessary risk mitigation.

Execution Plan

Based on our assessment, we formulate a holistic market
entry plan which targets scalable growth opportunities
and projected performance benchmarks.

Support Services

Our team offers multiple business services to monitor your
progress and ensure insights that are gained will be leveraged
to intelligently expand company moves forward.

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Launch on amazon

Launch your business on Amazon.in.


Launch your amazon store; start listing your products.

Start receiving orders.

As soon as your account goes live, your products become visible to customers and you can start receiving orders.

Improve your Visibility.

Increase the visibility of your products through Ads.

Export to Sell 2 Americans.

You can export your products to Sell 2 Americans and we will store, pack, ship and provide customer service for your products.

Get timely payments

Receive timely payments in INR directly into your bank account.


Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we do business.
Take advantage of our vast pool of experts to grow your business overseas.

At this stage of your pioneering journey, our Consulting services offer you access to our unique repository of unparalleled expertise regarding foreign expansion of MSMEs in both India and the United States.

This shall undoubtedly help you in avoiding such operational and strategic pitfalls, which might otherwise offset and derail your company’s progress.

Member Focused

Our dedicated team of professionals’ work around the clock with members to assure unwavering and prompt attention to the company’s needs.

Innovative Solutions

We think innovatively by taking a multi-tiered strategic and out of the box approach to overcome the full range of challenges through solution mapping.

Knowledge Share

Knowledge is an intangible asset that fuels tangible operations to reach target outputs, we share our knowledge through the latest tools for its codification and dissemination for the success of your company.

Being Proactive

Time is of the greatest essence in the global markets. As sudden shifts in the business environment can have major repercussions on daily production and logistics, contingency planning and pro-active strategies keep your company safe and fluid.



Entering foreign markets can get overwhelming for MSMEs as they are unacquainted with the local way of doing business. We act as a bridge to provide easier access to products and services to such budding enterprises of India and the United States.

One-on-one Counseling

Detailed Market
Entry Plan

Diverse Support

Cost and Time
Effective Process


Completed Projects


Trade Shows




Government incentives

How we can scale your business

Our expertise lies in addressing the specific needs of MSMEs vis-à-vis business expansion in both Indian and American markets and encompasses financial, marketing and sales, infrastructure, liaison, legal services and more.

Financial Services

From Accounting & Taxation to Credit & Financial transactions, we have a wide array of financial services which ensure that your money is utilized well.

Marketing & Sales

Our scientific Research & Assessment tools help you reach your target customers via
innovative, cost-effective and powerful Advertising and Promotion channels.

Governmental Liaison

Avail our close relationships with government offices and third party agencies to gain subsidy benefits, ensure compliance with applicable laws and redressal of any business concern.

Operational Infrastructure

You focus on your core business while we do the groundwork to put your entire operations, including working space, procurement, logistical network and IT systems in place.

Strategic Business Development

We set benchmarks for your company’s growth trajectory and suggest timely interventions, including Mergers, Acquisitions and Risk management for sustenance of the company.

Human Resources

Give us full responsibility of your organization’s Human Resource needs ranging from recruitment, talent management, compensation and benefits, to separation.


Get a free assessment of the legal issues that your business might face in the new market territory and our attorneys will ensure that your operation is compliant with the local law.